[Wormhole Corp] Black Ops Matter - [Alliance] Liquor Legion - Recruitment OPEN

Black Ops Matter is a veteran 0.0 PvP corporation that has now come to WH space :slight_smile: We are enlisting pilots with a predisposition to shoot everything that moves (or doesn’t).

We have a long history of NPC null, Sov null and Lowsec that encourages all forms of destruction.

We are now welcoming all players who want to PVP as well as run Exploration/sites — We have a very active core group and alliance that does everything from PvP to mining with plenty of boosts :slight_smile: come say hi. See if we are for you. ———-

In Game Public Channel BlackOPSinvite

Discord Channel [ https://discord.gg/GkcaQdY ]

We Firmly believe that Real Life comes first over anything in the game. Thus, we will never have any CTA’s or any other fleet, event, or anything that we will REQUIRE you to log in and participate or be punished. Your Participation is always appreciated, but never forced. You play this game how you want to play the game!

We also firmly believe in having a Non-Toxic Environment, where we treat every Alliance member like a member of the family. Any and all toxic behavior will not be tolerated!

About us and what we offer:
:snowflake: C2, with HS & C3 Statics
:snowflake: 0% Tax
:snowflake: Small gang fleets
:snowflake: Very friendly and easy going pilots
:snowflake: Great allies
:snowflake: Discord for OoG chat and pings
:snowflake: Multi structure access
:snowflake: Pathfinder for mapping
:snowflake: New bro friendly

– Come say Hi!!!

May I join? - - - - - I’m looking for a WH corp and some PvP - - - Had a good convo yesterday with one of your guys!!!

Do you remember who you spoke to? Hop on Discord - link is above - we would love to speak with you :slight_smile:

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Bump!!! - open recruitment

Want to welcome all the new guys that have joined over the past few days. Recruitment is still open… Make Eve great again, FREE ginger wigs!!!

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