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Welcome all new members

Every action in this matrix called Eve can be matched by an equal and opposing action. It’s the perfect system for good and evil which is only possible through our programmed responses and competition principles. By design we are set in motion. And have very little to do with anything but how accurately we respond.

Come join us today for a meeting of the minds.

Still recruiting

Still ready for new bro’s

Hit us up on our coms !!

Blops… totally interested!

Still open recruitment :slight_smile: Black Ops Friday !!! come check us out in discord

How so?


Bumpy Bump!!!

Bumpy Bump!!!

Yo for the Bumps!

I’ll drop by tomorrow

Bumps again baby

Another round of Bumps!

Still recruiting - bumps and BLOPs :slight_smile: !!

Bump Day!

Bumpy Bump !!!

Yo yo once again for the bump!!! Black Ops Pilots wanted