Section 23 is recruiting

Join the Mobile infantry… - er Section 23!

You want to get to know EVE the way it is meant to be? Explore high and low sec together with us? Mining, trading, pewing, exploding, rebuilding? Is being together socially in voice chat (Mumble) important to you?
Then you gonna fit right in with us!

We are a StarterCorp and offer you various development possibilities up to null-sec PVP in our mother-corp.

Why us instead of one of the big big corps?
We are friendly, cozy, value common activities and like to help each other in the complex world of New Eden.

We are currently mostly active between 18:00 and 23:00 EVE-Time (EU TZ).

Does this sound interesting to you? Join us in our ingame channel “TN-NT Public” and have a chat!

o7 and fly safe

Komm zur Mobilen Infanterie… - äh Section 23!

Du möchtest EVE so kennenlernen, wie es gedacht ist? Gemeinsam mit uns den High- und Low-Sec erkunden? Minern, handeln, ballern, explodieren, wieder aufbauen? Du legst Wert auf geselliges Beisammensein im Voicechat (Mumble)?
Dann bist Du bei uns richtig!

Wir sind eine StarterCorp und bieten Dir vielfältige Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten bis hin zum Null-Sec PVP in unserer Mutter-Corp.

Warum zu uns statt in eine große Corp zu gehen?
Wir sind familiär, gemütlich, legen großen Wert auf gemeinsame Tätigkeiten und helfen gerne in der komplexen Welt von New Eden.

Wir sind meistens zwischen 18:00 und 23:00 Uhr EVE-Time (EU TZ) aktiv.

Klingt das für Dich interessant? Dann melde dich am Besten kurz in unserem ingame Channel “TN-NT Public”!

o7 and fly safe

And so it came, that the little bumper came across the thread. And he said: “Recruitment still open”.

Another year. Another Bump. Be welcome to join us!


Another day, another bump. Join us - we like to have cookies! :slight_smile:

o7 and fly safe

A few days have passed, but we are still looking for YOU.

Fly safe and O7

Hello Pilots!
I hope you had a nice weekend so far. We are still looking for you!

Fly safe! o7

We are still looking for pilots.

Again and again and again. We are still on the watch pilots.

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