New and ready to roll

So i’ve been playing about a week now with only my friend , created a corp , ran some contracts, mined and had fun in hig, low and null sec, died twice, my friend 3 times, all in all a very interesting fun and exciting time here in New Eden. But as we found out , you need hep with all sorts of stuff, so what better way than expand our horizons?. We are recruiting a number of 8 people , new and veterans if they wish to join and guide us , to have a good time in EVE. We will help you out if you’re new in any way we are able to, as well as give you roles in our corp.
We’re trying to achieve an all-round experience - trading, hauling, mining, pve ratting, null sector scavenging , deep space exploration. You name it. At the moment we are focusing on the business side and working our way toward industry and mining.

If you are interested to join us, message me in-game. Have fun and fly safe! :rocket:

Hey guys, if you are interested in joining a chill and mature alliance, with veterans around to teach you, lets have a chat.

@Paul_Schmidtt mailed you in game. Have a read of my offer. No copy and paste BS.

Join L2p, cause pvp, rats, and stuff…

If you are bored, we are not bored, you can flex your caps, or you know a rorq or whatever you flex with we dont care.

Also we have that one angry german guy…

I promise we will roll if you join, most of us are a shape optimal for rolling!

Thank you all, i have found a corp now that i am happy with. If by any chance something happenes and i get out of there, i think i will consider your offers.

And although @Megan_Maynard s offer seems unbeatable, atm i don’t have an intent for leaving.

Again, thank you and fly safe :slight_smile:

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