Alliance looking for corporations and pilots!

EVE 0304

:scream:Do you want a drama free alliance?
:money_mouth_face:Do you want to make ISK? Lots of it?
:star_struck:Do you like to mine, rat, or collect bounties?
:hugs:Interested in Joining a friendly alliance based in Null?
:thinking:Want to be part of an alliance making Null security space a profitable enterprise?

Then, maybe we are what you are looking for.

  1. Cerebellum Inc is a friendly and mature alliance. We currently operate in null sec. We are part of Querious Fight Club.

  2. Our alliance is open to new and old corporations. We seek to create a mature and friendly environment, where LIFE comes first and piloting comes second.

  3. No fleet participation requirement, but all are expected to pick up arms for home protection.

  4. What are we looking for: all type of corps with a willingness to pick up arms and fight from time to time.

  5. All time zones are acceptable

What we offer:

  • profitable null sec systems for isk making
  • stations for reprocess / build etc
  • discord
  • capital ship dock
  • maturity, friendship
  • guidance in learning the game

For more information and contact: or our in game channel Pykes Cantina

Thank you for your time and we hope you would like to come and fly with us.

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Just tried hitting you up in gsme

Me & my mate sent you a mail. Check it up. You got our discord there also.

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Very interesting i might take a look at it.

Please do and lets have a chat.

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Still looking

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