Recruiting Newbros - Returning Player(s) - Looking for new corpmates

Group of high SP players have returned to the game and would like some new friends to enjoy the game with. We’re a relaxed bunch that have earned their stripes in this game. We’re currently running some L4s to get back into the swing of things. Mostly likely expanding to Fleet PVE (Incursions/Invasions) soon.

We also plan some industry and other endevours. We’re just here to play the game basically. So community/friends first, EVE/Income 2nd

If you are a new/low SP player we’ll be happy to teach you the ropes of the game and will be ISK friendly towards you. If you want all the salvage from our missions for example go ahead. The core group is really not in it for the ISK

We have people that cover the EU and US evening timeslots. The CEO (me) doesn’t sleep much and is usually around in both those timeslots.


could you convo me

Hello guys, maybe you are interested in a realaxed mature alliance. Check us out if so. Fly safe o/

Hi, I am also a high SP player who’s also done everything and looking for a good chill crew to play with, I was also looking into running incursions in the near future, how many people do you have and such?

Insomnia sucks!

Currently about 5, some more returning to get to 8ish. So with small growth we’re looking at Vanguards. But Im willing to do Scout sites as well. ISK doesn’t matter that much. Mainly looking to do some fleet stuff. Get some logi going etc.

We currently in a dead end high sec system in Gallente space doing some L4s while chatting with each other while we wait for the new update in a few days that seem to bring some impacts worth waiting for.

So getting involved with us atm is very low threshold. Just any ship that won’t die in an L4 in the correct system is all it will take to try it out.

I think I am -3 with gall atm, but I will check when I jump in after I finish my bbq. I suppose it will be a good time to finally repay the Gallente for all the suffering I caused over the years!

I have logi V on two chars I think (one for sure) so if you get your other 3 and we all match up we can run some vanguards together :wink:

Yea we all got Logi 5 I think. Dont VGs only need 2 or 3 Logi? Well probably 1 more after the patch I guess

-3 would be an issue because I think that means they shoot you on site. Or that -5?

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