Seeking assistance clearing local trash in Khanid Region

I need some mercenaries to assist us with some operations in and around high sec/low sec in the Khanid region.

This is an on going contract until determined otherwise.

Send me an in game mail with your background and a killboard link and some intro to how you operate and what it is you can do to assist us in our goal. We will reply with the targets and the systems and structures locations for an estimate of price. WE ARE WILLING TO PAY to have these asshole removed entirely. IF this turns into a year long contract, then more isk and pvp for you.

Get in line and may the least expensive yet most effective merc group win! We are excited to hire multiple merc groups as well, we are NOT seeking one contract.

We seek to interrupt their pve and pvp operations, destroy all their structures… including pocos and eng complexes, poses, and citadels, including fortizars. War decs for the high sec hauling and pi alt corps etc…

Thank You for checking out this advert. fly safe.