Seeking mercenaries services

Seeking mercenaries for pilot assassination - for further info please send in-game mail. Affiliation in high-sec, serious interests only please. High bounty payout (1B), pod kill required.

Update to payout offer. Client now increasing payout to 1.5 bill. to first able to provide frozen corpse from pod kill, verified by zkillboard. Pilot seems adamant on getting their revenge. Serious inquiries , mail me in game. High sec kill will likely be required here.

Why not just put that bounty on him with bounty system?

Client requests frozen corpse, thus a pod kill, for contract to be considered complete, verified by zkillboard in this case. That and the current bounty system isn’t really the best thing.

Anyone interested in taking up this contract, it is open, but please send in game mail to this character for further information.

What area of space is he currently flying in?

Broadly speaking, Caldari space high sec. Further details available, but in-game mail communication will be necessary.

Contact me in game. This is our back yard.

Contract has been issued and is no longer open. Thank you to all who expressed interest. Happy hunting o7