Calling for Mercenary Space Butcher

I could be interested in a slab of frozen pork in the form of a corpse of …
(contact me please via in game mail for name) IF you require name before quoting of a Hi Sec Target.

Current owner of said slab of frozen meat is rather sneaky both in slipping away as well as within the given Pilots title reads “Sneaky”.

My requirements are rather different but not difficult as I am unable to verify the name of corpse if inside a Contract.

I invite you to place a quotation reply below or via in game mail as long as my requirements for delivery are able to be met.

My requirements are for such Corpse I will need to be able to watch live via Twitch . tv from your screen showing me the corpse as the Contract does not show who is the frozen corpse of (contact me please via in game mail for name) I don’t need to see or know how the corpse is obtained. Only for the live trade window in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Only via live stream and a open trade window before trade is accepted.


Only one copy of corpse is required and first to deliver receives the payment.