Dear Swine

Dear Swine,

Your Swine Corps needs to be hand delivered to Perimeter - Tranquility Trading Tower or Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Please be sure to not waste my time with your scamming contracts that take me into a place where I might not make it back with your swine corps.

I am not in good standing with these turds Pandemic Horde Hld. and would end up being flushed along with your swine corps. Now I think if you are able to deliver to the place where I had placed the contract the first time you would be 100million isk richer.

Yours Sincerely.



Did you accept the contract though?

If you have a problem with Jason Hammesmith, then accept the contract, put an alt in Horde to go collect it. Once in your possession, start Photoshopping all the things you are then able to do to his corpse and send him the pics.

PVP extends beyond the in space engagement, and this seems like a golden opportunity for some old school crime and punishment style fun.

I was furious when I saw that contract, more than I had done so with any other Corpse I had been chasing.

Over looking the method in which I normally approach these extremely angry feelings of not getting what I want.

Had not yet accepted this contract though my guess it is not a true corpse of Jason, though such a low price along being given up by the very same owner of such sort after item for my hanger I almost can’t resist the temptation of pressing accept.

Which brings me to jump my current Clone state to save it’s fruitful nourishment’s and hop into a Stiletto to run the gauntlet. & the outstanding contract reads 13 days. Timing can be really on my side and will update this very thread one I am at the station.

fyi corps = corpse

Now that walking in stations is no longer possible, and the Corpse Display Case never materialized (although some devs were in favor of the suggestion), may I ask what your intentions are with these meatsicles ? Psywar ? Use as a mannequin ? :crazy_face:

Chloe says hi.


A classic.

@Jonah Gravenstein
“While she isn’t the most talkative sort, and “relations” between us are somewhat cold and one-sided”
That was a great read, thanks.

I logged in the other day and that Contract is not there, I think that Swine deleted it.

I think I know a guy who mentioned he knows a guy who may be connected to some wise guys that may have contacts in the meat business. There’s ways to refresh my memory, and to make me forget this conversation ever took place.
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I think I know some guy who issued some new contract, who had been inside that corp of said corpse owner for 3 to 5 days now and that same someone had opened a new contract stating a new fee and am waiting for a mail reply…

What is it with New Eden Criminals and not answering their in game mail?

Do you really want to know? :thinking:

I know nothing. I didn’t see anything, I didn’t hear anything. I wasn’t there. And if I was there I was asleep.

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3 days ago Frostpacker had opened a request on Mercenary Services titled;
“[Calling for Mercenary Space Butcher]”

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