WTS myself Cov cyno5, blops Hunter, tengu ,scanning

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/DarkFlight pass:123
positivie wallet , clean corp history no killrights
jita 4-4 will be location

8.5 bil

ty for bid im looking for atleast 9 bill

Okay, I’ll do 9 but not more than that since there a few skills that need to be trained

@Intriguing_Stranger i accept the offer , please send isk and account information and i will start the transfer process

Isk and account details sent :slight_smile:

isk recieved, char is being transfered but i accidently transfered the char with the 9 bil >_> so ccp staff plez fix my mistakes or if you could be kind and send it to one of my alt’s like “MT12”

Haha, don’t worry that happened to me too once, I will send it over to you tomorrow

Haha thanks appreciate it

9b sent to that Character

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