Seeking miner who wants to head up mining effort

We are a long-standing small null sec corporation seeking someone to head up our mining and industry. We are a member of a small alliance with great, safe sov space. Please shoot me an EveMail if interested in talking. Thanks.

Miners, with the entire southeast of EVE getting cleared out, there are great opportunities for miners to make a ton of isk. We are a small, long-standing null sec corp living in Esoteria seeking miners who want to get rich. We have great infrastructure in place for mining/indy. Safe and secure places to mine, whatever that means in null sec. If interested shoot me an EVEmail. Thanks for reading.

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Where were you mining exactly?

(Just kidding, the south west is a bit far away and there’s already plenty of third parties to shoot in the north whenever I do log in these days. Good luck with your mining endeavours!)


I’m sure it can be arranged


I’m interested. However, be warned: I’m a total newbie .-)

Miners—We are seeking mining pilots who want to make a ton of ISK. We are an established null sec corporation who have been playing EVE for over 10 years and live in one of the richest areas of New Eden. No drama, just fun. Please send me an EVEmail if interested in talking more. Thanks for reading.

Plenty of ISK is still here waiting for you…

How can I join?


First, I will merge your same-topic contributors here. After that, everything will be moved because it is more of a mining discussion but rather a recruitment story.

It’s not hi sec so it’s not really ganking, I feel your interest is not serious

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