🚀 [SEKER] [KM.T] Tempered Aggression [AU/EU] – Seeking Combat Industrialists


Industrialists with dreams of combat glory.

We’re pleased to invite applications from experienced veteran, or aspiring, industrialists, miners and traders with an interest in player-vs-player combat.

We offer a robust and established industrial presence across both low-sec and high-sec, with excellent bonuses for research and manufacturing, alongside access to moon mining. There’s opportunities across all areas of manufacturing up to capitals, and our internal supply chain.

As a candidate you’re a mature minded, smart, committed, patient and self sufficient player who’s looking to forge long-term friendships. Willing to undock and fight for your team mates; we’ve got your back, as much as you’ve got ours.

Sharing in Corp’s collective experiences, glory, riches and the occasional failures, you take these highs and lows in your stride, keen to learn and work towards perfecting your craft.

We offer you a positive environment to grow and learn all while facilitating an end to being space poor. We like to encourage members to be self-sufficient all while working closely to help our community grow forward through collaboration. We believe in our members having access to the best facilities possible

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Tempered Aggression is the industry focused corp within the Seker Matar alliance. Our Corporation’s primary objective is to supply combat materials internally all while facilitating the supply of materials and products to local and regional markets. Our production and supply chain are focused in low-sec, but also reach into high-sec space. We supply capital ships, components alongside both Tech 2 & Tech 1 ships, modules and rigs.

We offer a robust internal supply chain and logistics both in and out of low-sec, facilitating the movement of goods into and out of market and production hubs.


While not a primary focus, we do offer an establish R4 moon mining operation, within our area of operation. This normally functions as a side hustle for members to dip into. But we’re always keen to find and support miners. We’ll probably be buying all your ore too!


There’s a deep undercurrent of passion, admiration and appreciation for player-vs-player combat in both the Corporation and the wider alliance.

We’re mostly interested in solo, micro, small, medium gang warfare, and black ops. Over the longer term we’re keen to explore focused capital and super capital deployments. Historically we’ve enjoyed accessing the NPSI community and working with other friendly groups to run gangs across low-sec, Thera, and into null-sec.

Members will be encouraged to train into certain doctrines. Where possible, the Corp aims to supply combat ships internally (thanks indy peeps). SRP is offered on doctrine ships.

We’re happy to offer support, guidance and training if you’re newer to PVP. The most important aspect to bring is your willingness to undock and practice.

Generally we’re seeking the following capabilities or composition roles:

  • Scouts / Tackle
  • Anti-Tackle
  • E-War
  • DPS
  • Logistics
  • Black Ops Hunters
  • Black Ops DPS
  • Fleet Commanders


We pride ourselves in being a decent bunch of inclusive human beings that care about our community and our shared in-game experience. Patience and logical thinking paired with good humour, and a willingness to try, fail and learn are deemed important qualities.

Most of our members have played EVE for a long time and as such we offer a wealth of collective experience to share. Outside of the game we run companies, or work across different digital, engineering or science backgrounds with many of us having grown up with the game over the last two decades, now with families and other commitments. We stay true to honouring this and welcome players who seek a group of people who are more than casual but also never pressured to do something or show up to something in game.

Activity Windows [Time Zones]

  1. AU & EU Primary
  2. US [East Coast] Secondary

1. Newer Players

We’re open to taking on a handful of new players at a time. We’re not a new player focused group, so by limiting the intake of newer players we hope to give the ones we do take on the best possible experience. As these new players graduate we tend to open up new slots. Please contact us if you’re a newer player for a chat.

2. Recruitment Process

We ask applicants login to our SeAT with the characters you wish to register. We will then review and aim to conduct a short interview on Discord.

  • Omega accounts on your primary characters inside the corporation.
  • Preference for players with 25 million50 million skill points and up, but very open to newer pilots, please just have a chat with us
  • Multi Accounts very much desired, Alt Friendly
  • Alpha accounts accepted on alts, if you have an Omega already in Corp
  • Full SeAT check required

Are you excited for the future of interactions around Faction Warfare, allegiances and the positive impacts on low-sec? If so come and have a chat, we’re pumped for the positive impacts the current arc will have on the game. :smiley_cat:

We’re mostly active during AU and EU timezones, however we do have some US members that play across their own TZ’s and our prime times.

The daily bump :coffeeparrot:

Added E-War to the list of desired capabilities / play styles (sorry we left you off before). :sunglasses:



Come say hello, have a chat, and get to know what we’re about :slight_smile:

We’re looking for a few more industrialist players, specifically interested in T2 production right now. Please drop me a line if you’re looking for a home with opportunities to help supply our market needs.

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Stay COOL people :sunglasses:

We’re looking for decent, non-toxic and friendly people to join us building things and destroying things. :heart:

Are you looking for a friendly, supportive group to access and gain experience doing pvp and / or industry? Then we’re looking for you. We have slots open right now for newer players, and are also keen to connect with veteran players across AU / EU and Early US timezones.


Looking for new spaceship friends!

Come join us building and destroying! :boom:

Still looking for industry and combat pilots :heart_eyes: