🚀 [SEKER] [KM.T] Tempered Aggression [AU/EU/US] – Seeking Combat Industrialists

About us

Industrialists, Scientists and Trade moguls with aspiring dreams of combat glory.

We’re pleased to invite applications from experienced veteran, or aspiring, industrialists, researchers, traders and miners with an interest in player-vs-player combat. We offer a robust, established, presence out of our high-sec staging hub with ample opportunities to integrate into our industrial supplier base and wider scale production projects in low-sec.

Our aim is to provide our members with the best facilities and environment to learn or expand their industry and science careers. To act as the larger framework to facilitate our wider objectives as we move into combat capital and advanced ship or component production.

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Our Focus

Tempered Aggression is the industry focused corp within the Seker Matar alliance. Our corporation’s primary function is to maintain our high-sec and low-sec industry while facilitating material and component supplies for the wider alliance supply-chain.

Our Objective

The core objective of the alliance, of which we play a critical role, is to forge ourselves into a medium sized entity of highly focused and experienced capsuleers capable of projecting power and holding industrial infrastructure in low-sec. We want to be able to enjoy solo and small-to-medium gang player-vs-player combat, all while building the capability to deploy capital assets over the longer-term in limited fashion.

Our Community

Away from the game, our community has been together for some two decades, playing various games together. But within EVE Online we’ve been playing since around 2009 (our alliance has been around since 2017). We’re very laid back, and like to have a laugh. We’re mostly a mature bunch, who now have families or work commitments. Many of our members run, or help run, companies in the real world. We’re very committed to the game over the long term. No emo-rage quitting here. We show up because we love our community, the social bonds we’ve built, and a shared experience in-game. We hope to forge social connections with members that are beyond just in-game stuff. We care about and make sure your real life comes first. We like to think of ourselves as a home for life, within the game, for our members.

Our Offering

We offer you a positive environment to grow and learn all while facilitating you to grow your own income and stop being so space poor. We like to encourage members to be self-sufficient all while working closely to help our community grow forward through collaboration. We believe in our members having access to the best facilities possible and working to deliver them to our community.

Member Suitability

We pride ourselves on being a decent bunch of inclusive human beings that care about our community and our shared in-game experience. Patience and logical thinking paired with good humour, and a willingness to try, fail and learn are deemed important qualities.

  • Newbros

We’re open to taking on a handful of new players at a time. We’re not a new player focused group, so by limiting the intake of newer players we hope to give the ones we do take on the best possible experience. As these new players graduate we tend to open up new slots.

  • Suitable Candidates

We’re looking for mature-minded capsuleers who are excited by in-game collaboration and development over the long-term. You’re a team player who is comfortable being self-sufficient and getting on with playing. You bring a positive mentality to tackling problems or in-game challenges.

You strongly grasp, or are willing to learn, the game mechanics, seeking to add insight and knowledge back into the community. Keen to discuss and experiment all while finding opportunities for content creation.

You’re levelheaded and led by your reason and insight over reactionary emotional responses. You take loss in your stride and see it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Engaging in player-vs-player content is more interesting to you than managing your killboard.

Ready to jump into social interaction over Discord or in-game. Voice comms are generally encouraged but only ‘required’ for fleets or other critical maneuvers in-game.

We’re all adults here and we like to have a laugh. That being said, we expect you to be a non-toxic, decent person. Racism, sexism or negative attitudes towards how individuals identify are not tolerated. You’re a graceful loser, and not an egomaniacal winner (unless this is your character roleplay). Virtual ‘dick swinging’ isn’t discouraged as long as it’s not an emotional overcompensation for living in ‘mom’s basement’ :wink:

We are very happy to accept longer term veterans. Bonus points if you can multi-box. You’ll find yourself interested in industry, research, and material acquisition for production. You’re either experienced in, or want to learn, player-vs-player combat in a small to medium group setting. You want to show up to defend the alliance’s infrastructure, real life commitments allowing.

Omega accounts on your primary characters inside the corporation.
Full ESI required / SeAT check required.

Still looking for suitable pilots :slight_smile:

Are you accepting corps into the alliance and do you have any interest in expanding into null?

Good ppl

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We’re are considering new Corps, so if you’re interested let’s have a chat @Marlene_Joplin. I think we’d all appreciate access to null, being able to build relationships and / or seek partners in null. But atm we don’t aspire setup home in null.

We’re now looking to connect with US TZ combat / Indy pilots.

Specially looking for the following:

  • Jr / Sr. Fleet Commanders with an interest in small to medium gang warfare. Across all time zones.

  • Logistics pilots (Logistics V) [Armour / Shield]

  • Black Ops and Marauder Pilots [Vargur / Paladin being preference]

Great group you all should join

Still looking for combat / indy pilots to join us :slight_smile:

If you’re invested in small to medium gang pvp, but like to side hustle on indy, trading and such then stop by on our discord and say ‘hello’. Also looking to make pew pew friends from other groups :heart:

Still seeking new members to join are community.

I’ve fixed the Discord Links on the original post. Someone kindly informed me they was broken. If you’ve tried to join our Discord and it didn’t work - feel free to stop by :slight_smile:

Let’s Go Bois! :smiley:

Looking for people interested in medium gang PVP in low-sec and null-sec, alongside some high-sec shenanigans. Also lots of decent Industry opportunities.

Access to small-gang content also - if that’s your bag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking for industrialists and combat pilots to realise our ambitions. Low-sec and null-sec PVP opportunities :slight_smile:

I can fly a vargur but do you have doctrine and srp for that?

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We would SRP our Doctrine Vargur yeah. But it’s got very specific use case - so not something we’re gonna be cracking out all the time. But we’d love to get more people into it.

Still looking for new friends :sunglasses:

Lé Bump

Still looking for industry minded players to help us ramp up on our endeavours in low-sec. Lot’s of opportunities at all levels of production. We’ve got markets to seed throughout the area.

Hey All,

Been with seker for a while now, and its a solid community with lots of content!!