1. I will consider your suggestions … without negative only


  1. Curse Blueprint* 10/20 350bil
  2. Pilgrim Blueprint* 9/14 250
  3. Sacrilege Blueprint* 9/16 300 bil
    4. Vagabond Blueprint 9/14 250 bil* SOLD
    5. Impel Blueprint 10/18 195* SOLD
    6. Prorator Blueprint 10/18 195* SOLD
    7. Viator Blueprint 9/20 200* SOLD
  4. Astarte Blueprint* 10/20 325
    9. Skiff Blueprint 10/18 300* SOLD
  5. Buzzard Blueprint* 10/18 175
  6. Claw Blueprint* 10/20 175
  7. Ishkur Blueprint* 10/20 175
  8. Jaguar Blueprint* 10/18 175
  9. Manticore Blueprint* 10/20 180
  10. Stiletto Blueprint* 10/20 175
  11. Taranis Blueprint* 10/20 175
  12. Vengeance Blueprint* 10/20 175
  13. Vengeance Blueprint* 10/20 175
    19. Wolf Blueprint 10/18 205* SOLD

ALL 10/20:

  1. Heavy Ion Blaster II 68 bil
  2. Ion Blaster Cannon II 88 bil
    3. Light Neutron Blaster II x2 70bil each SOLD
  3. Small Capacitor Booster II 10/20 45bil
  4. Heat Sink II 10/20 100bil
  5. 100MN Afterburner II x2 95bil each
  6. 500MN Microwarpdrive II 100bil
  7. 5MN Microwarpdrive II 95bil
  8. 100mm Steel Plates II x3 33bil each
  9. 400mm Steel Plates II 85bil
  10. EM Coating II 45 bil
  11. EM Energized Membrane II 45 bil
  12. Explosive Energized Membrane II 45 bil
  13. Kinetic Energized Membrane II 45 bil
  14. Layered Coating II 58 bil
  15. Medium EMP Smartbomb II 90 bil
  16. Medium Plasma Smartbomb II 90 bil
  17. Small EMP Smartbomb II 65 bil
  18. Large Armor Repairer II 100bil
  19. Medium Armor Repairer II 69bil
    21. Small Armor Repairer II 50 bil -sold
  20. X-Large Shield Booster II 95bil
  21. Medium Shield Booster II 70bil
    24.Thermal Shield Amplifier II 70bil
    25.Cruise Missile Launcher II 100bil SOLD
    26.Torpedo Launcher II 100bil SOLD
    27.Dual Light Pulse Laser II 45bil
    28.Focused Medium Pulse Laser II 70bil
    29.Gatling Pulse Laser II 50bil
    30.Heavy Pulse Laser II 65bil
    31.Mega Beam Laser II 80bil


  1. Dark Ochre Mining Crystal II 60 bil
  2. Gneiss Mining Crystal II 60 bil
  3. Hedbergite Mining Crystal II 60 bil
  4. Hemorphite Mining Crystal II 60 bil
  5. Jaspet Mining Crystal II 60 bil
  6. Mercoxit Mining Crystal II 60 bil
  7. Omber Mining Crystal II 60 bil


  1. Ladar ECM II 60bil
  2. Signal Amplifier II x4 60bil each
  3. Remote Sensor Dampener II 60bil
  4. Small Energy Neutralizer II 40bil
  5. Medium Energy Neutralizer II 75bil
  6. Medium Energy Nosferatu II 75bil
  7. Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter II 45bil
  8. Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter II 85bil


  1. Inferno Precision Cruise Missile 50bil

  2. Inferno Precision Heavy Missile x2 50bil each

  3. Inferno Precision Light Missile 50 bil

  4. Inferno Rage Heavy Assault Missile 75bil

  5. Mjolnir Precision Heavy Missile 55bil

  6. Mjolnir Precision Light Missile 50bil
    7. Mjolnir Rage Torpedo 51bil - sold

  7. Nova Fury Cruise Missile 75bil

  8. Nova Fury Heavy Missile 75bil

  9. Nova Javelin Heavy Assault Missile x2 50bil each

  10. Nova Precision Light Missile 50bil

  11. Nova Rage Heavy Assault Missile 75bil

  12. Scourge Fury Cruise Missile Blueprint* 75bil

  13. Scourge Javelin Torpedo 55bil

  14. Scourge Precision Heavy Missile 50bil

  15. Scourge Rage Torpedo Blueprint* 75bil

    • Aurora L 60bil
    • Aurora M 50bil
    • Conflagration L x2 65bil each
    • Gleam L Blueprint x2 70bil each
    • Gleam S 50bil
      6. * Scorch L 65bil SOLD

Acolyte x1 Sold
Ogre Sold
acolyte - 125bil
praetor - 150bil
valkyre - 140bil
vespa - 140bil
warrior - 125bil each
mining drone - 150bil

кто готов по таким ценам купить пишите в игре / who is ready to buy at such prices write in the game

no bargaining. price reduction will not be for any goods

148 pieces

remind. if you are interested in drones, then their cost is from 110 to 150

specify the rest 10/20 when purchasing.

Not firesale!!!

Why did you make a new thread?

Because on the last thread, he edited the price every single time someone met his asking price and people were starting to get pissed.

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Can of Coke, Bacon sandwich

Yes I was the one who started to get pissed lmao

I feel like the seller is trolling.
You dont make a 2nd thread for the same sale.
I’ve seem duplicate posts get deleted before. He is saying he wants top dollar which is great, however he seems to want to get a single buyer with is not how you get top price.
Or, he knows what he has is valuable but doesn’t know how much so. Over valuing, or trying to get people to push up.
My offer stands for 178b for the prints listed in your last post. If you are trying to sell them as a set, then ignore my bid, as clearly you won’t want to part it out. Until you know what you want, we won’t know what to offer. As it was mentioned, you had high end bids from some of us who have been buying t2 bpos for years.


you understand. that it Curse 10/20 costs not 250 but all 400

not. I just don’t want to sell too cheap

look, the prices that I wrote, these are the prices for which I am ready to sell, for the rest of the drawings, prices. weapons from 100, for everything from 60 apiece which is not on the list. since these are ready-made drawings and you do not have to worry about finishing them :eye:

and I monitor how much you can give for the drawings … if I am not satisfied then I will not post any more. so as not to litter the forum

you want too low a price for 11 blueprints

for this price I can offer you only 4 drawings. no more

and at the end of the creation of the product. I’ll decide. are you worth it for me to sell them to you. scammers

I have no idea what you are talking about. What is drawings?
You want to sell me, 4 mining crystal bpos for 178b? 44.5b a print?
If this is what you mean, you are mistaken on price. I offered you 178b for 6 prints. 178/6 = 29.66b per print. Considering these go for 25-35b, with the mercox (which is the most rare, AND most used bpo of all of the crystals) going for 45b on a hot buying day of someone who deeply wants it, I offered a fair market price considering I’m buying 6 from you at once.
But what do I know. I must be a dirty scammer who has been buying mining crystal bpos for over 5 years, and currently have a buy thread that has been active since 2018, and have traded or currently own every single bpo that you have for sale.
Bottom line is you have no clue as to the value of what you have and over value it by a very large amount. If you find someone to over pay, with more isk then sense, great for you. If you do your research you can see what these went for in the recent past, you don’t even have to take my word for it.

My final offer, and I will not go any higher, is 180b for the 6 bpos I posted on in your original post.
That is 30b a print.

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I put everything in the auction, search there, and place your bids, if you really need them, you will place a bid)

your ships at auction. look put

what you have chosen. they bring too much income compared to the price they offered

I rescind my offer of 300 billion for the Sacrilege.

It’s your right

I’m really interested by (in order):

  • Medium Shield Extender
  • Small Shield Extender
  • Shield Boost Amplifier

but I have no clue idea what is the price range for this kind of item, can you give me some infos about it please?