Selling 10 years of explorations BPC collection (for customer)

Greetings o/

Got to sell loot from a (main job) scanning nerd for 10 years.

box 1: Control tower bpcs (+ faction):

box 2: tech II capital rig bpcs:

box 3: tech II large rig bpcs:

box 4: tech II medium rig bpcs:

box 5: tech II smal rig bpcs:

box 6: modules bpcs:

box 7: high/mid-grade Ascendancy Implant bpcs:

box 8: control-tower Battery bpcs:

If there are questions about number on runs, when unclear, please ask.

If you want to make offers on single items, its ok. Especially on the large faction Contol towers.

Please feel free to make offers of any kind.

UPDATE 10-8-2019 :

As there were no offers for the lot ( … expected like ISK … ) now selling in parts / boxes / single items … so please feel free to offer.

As there are 700 views i guess there is common / special interest.

If you want a single rig / tower or so just mail or post here.

I am not in a hurry but slowly want 2 sell someting.


Wallecctro´s Private Banking

Text updated, as a single overview was rather confusing. Now assorted.

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Price for Box 1 and Box 8 ?

@ Explorer Girl

Thanks for your interest.

But at the moment there is a buyer intersted in the whole.

Will post here if deal does not complete.

@ all

Please feel free to make offers for the whole as i still have no indication and cannot check 200 individual bpcs for price.

Hoping for a respectable offer before making one myself.

Still hoping for an offer for the whole.

I am open for offers for the whole.

If no one else is buying, I’ll offer 250 million.

Thanks for your interest Mr. Dinkle.

But at first glimpse i already noticed some special bpcs. And i had even more glimpses. :wink:

So @all feel free to offer. Preferred for the lot at the moment.



Ty for offer. But i am looking for some digits more …

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1 B, offerd, mail me ingame

Dear Mr. Reap i did not reply as i was in hospital. Sorry.

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