Selling 2 Rorqual pilots (sold)

I am selling 2 Rorqual pilots!

Alan ALP Start bid- 18B
Alan PanYJ Start bid- 22B

All the characters are in NPC corp, Positive Wallet, has no Kill Rights.

Alan ALP
Bids 16b

Alan ALP . at least 17B, contact me if interested

Sell it to me, beg you.

20b for alan panyj

Hi HanmeimeiBB, if 17B looks ok for you. please send me a mail in the game, and let me know your account which you want transfer Alan ALP in.

Hi Perly, Alan Panyj at least 21 B.

21b deal

Ok, I will pay for it, free up a role when I pay.

can buy Alan ALP for 17 bil now. isk ready

isk and account name sent.

isk and account name sent.

The character has been received! ~ Thank you

character received

thanks, and enjoy it. fly safe

thanks, and enjoy it

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