🌟 Selling 4 perfect Rorqual pilots! ALL IS SOLD

Hello there! I am selling my 4 perfect Rorqual pilots! One of the pilots will be more expensive as it has perfect refining skills for nullsec ores.

C4aoS Ikkala - Perfect Rorqual yield pilot. (SOLD)
C4aoS Ronuken - Perfect Rorqual yield pilot. 30B B/O (SOLD)
C4aoS Zateki - Perfect Rorqual yield pilot. 30B B/O (SOLD)

All the characters are in NPC corp, Positive Wallet, has no Kill Rights and their location is their respective starter station.

Let the auction begin!

I confirm that i am for sale!

I confirm that i am for sale!

I confirm that i am for sale!

I confirm that i am for sale!


Still selling, now lowered buyouts!

They might have some good yield mining rorqs pilots. but missing a lot a rorqs key elements with survival
I offer 35bil for C4aoS Aulmais

Thank you for the bid! Not sure i want to take less than 40b for Aulmais, but we will see what other people bid for it first :wink:


C4aoS Ikkala 28B offer

Tempting offer, make it 30 and i will accept

C4aoS Ikkala 30B offer now

Sorry for late response. Offer accepted, send ISK and I will start the transfer.

offer still stands for a short amount of time

Im not in a rush

ok bid withdrawn

Please check C4aoS Ikkala email, isk and acc have been sent

Isk recieved and character transfer has been submitted. Since i am paying with plex it may take a little longer time. Ticket is opened and CCP will get to it soon.

Transfer started. Enjoy the character! :slight_smile: