🌟 Selling 4 perfect Rorqual pilots! ALL IS SOLD

Bump! Still 3 more characters for sale!





C4aoS Ronuken 28b offer

nvm found another one

C4aoS Ronuken 21bil offer

withdrawl bid

C4aoS_Ronuken 25 bill

C4aoS Aulmais 39B offer

still for sell ?
C4aoS_Ronuken 28b offer

still for sell?

C4aoS_Ronuken 29b

C4aoS Zateki 27b

Auction is resumed! Been away from the game for a while, All characters except C4aoS Ikkala is still for sale!

I would like to take both R and Z with 58b :slight_smile:
isk is ready

i would like to take both R and Z with 56b :slight_smile:
isk is ready

Bid of 58b accepted, send 30b to R and 28b to Z and i shall start the transfer immediately!

well I hate my right hand :frowning:
58 is a wrong number,but I will pay for my fall…

isk sent.and please be careful that one character should be transfer to an steam account, ty :slight_smile: