Selling 33mil high core combat skills 31bill

Returned to the game, want to start ‘fresh’ pc and possible sale of this character.

I’d give you 28.5b if you are looking to sell

30b in game now if you want to chat

30.5b but I’m away from comp for a few hours yet at work



32B !!!

Ok I will sell this off in 20 hours time, I’m currently away from my computer so at 20:00 tomorrow I will be at computer ready to transfer to the highest bidder providing the numbers stay as they are .

Online now 32b and i sell right now

bump online now

Any people still interested I’ll take 31 bill for the character

I’ve got 30b online right now.

31b valid 24hrs

Accepted send isk and account I for for transfer to begin

Ok great. Will send in 12-20h. Not at home atm.

Ok once that happens I’ll begin transfer

still not received isk within agreed timeframe so i am back for sale 31b takes me, online now

sorry for the delay, will send asap

is that likely to happen tonight or ?

just a few minutes

Edit: Done. Sorry for the delay.