Selling 33mil high core combat skills 31bill

(Elijah Kion) #1

Returned to the game, want to start ‘fresh’ pc and possible sale of this character.

(Saveritas) #2

I’d give you 28.5b if you are looking to sell

(Vapulate) #3

30b in game now if you want to chat

(Trade Primative) #4

30.5b but I’m away from comp for a few hours yet at work

(jf z) #5


(Trade Primative) #6


(jf z) #7

32B !!!

(Elijah Kion) #8

Ok I will sell this off in 20 hours time, I’m currently away from my computer so at 20:00 tomorrow I will be at computer ready to transfer to the highest bidder providing the numbers stay as they are .

(Elijah Kion) #9

Online now 32b and i sell right now

(Elijah Kion) #10

bump online now

(Elijah Kion) #11

Any people still interested I’ll take 31 bill for the character

(Impi Cass) #12

I’ve got 30b online right now.

(sweetpeanutz Poljus) #13

31b valid 24hrs

(Elijah Kion) #14

Accepted send isk and account I for for transfer to begin

(sweetpeanutz Poljus) #15

Ok great. Will send in 12-20h. Not at home atm.

(Elijah Kion) #16

Ok once that happens I’ll begin transfer

(Elijah Kion) #17

still not received isk within agreed timeframe so i am back for sale 31b takes me, online now

(sweetpeanutz Poljus) #18

sorry for the delay, will send asap

(Elijah Kion) #19

is that likely to happen tonight or ?

(sweetpeanutz Poljus) #20

just a few minutes

Edit: Done. Sorry for the delay.