Selling 5 SP Farm Characters +5's Int/Mem mapped

GC Farmer1 - 5.19m SP -
GC Farmer2 - 5m SP -
GC Farmer3 - 5.02m SP -
GC Farmer4 - 5.26m SP -
GC Farmer5 - 5.15m SP -

Looking for 3.3b ISK / Character, purchase all 5 and I’ll do a bulk deal for 14.5B ISK

I am for sale

I’ll take one for 3.3b, am still deciding which one. Is that OK?

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

I am for sale

I’d prefer to try and sell bulk but if nothing comes by the end of the day yeah you can take whichever one for 3.3b

Ok, would like char number 1 or 2 if you do decide to sell singles

I will take all for 14.5

Lets do it, please send a mail to each character with the account name you want that character transferred to. Due to the character bazaar rules you will need to send 14.5B / 5 = 2.9B to each character for the sale.

I’ll be going to bed soon so if the ISK and account names are sent to each character by morning I’ll get it sent out asap. Otherwise I’ll catch it sometime tomorrow when I’m done working.

Ok sounds good just getting to work. Will send is and account info when I get home in 12 hours

Sounds good, I’m around for a few hours this afternoon so once I see it sent over I’ll initiate transfers.

account info sent to each character. Isk sent also

Hi! I’ve started the transfers for GC Farmer1, GC Farmer3 and GC Farmer5 - When I attempted to transfer GC Farmer2 & GC Farmer4 I got an error message reading, “Target user is already involved in a character transfer”. Once the transfers for GC Farmer1 and GC Farmer3 complete I will start the transfer for GC Farmer2 & GC Farmer 4 as I believe the error is because 1 & 2 are going to the same account and 3 & 4 are as well. If you’d like me to send those characters to different accounts just let me know otherwise I will check first thing in the morning and transfer the other 2 characters.

Ya it is probably the cool down… If you don’t mind sending them in 10 hours I am fine waiting

Confirming transfer on 1,3, and 5

Sounds good, I’ll check back in when I wake up before work

I just initiated the transfer for 2 & 4.

Thanks for helping me sell these characters, hopefully they help make you some isk.

You welcome.