Selling 95.6 Mil Skill Point Character

95.6 Mil Skill points sub cap. Gallente/caldari primary: Focus on Drones, Gunnery, Missiles, Spaceship Command.
5 Bil Est worth
6.0 caldari navy standing
Located in Jita IV- Recently left my own corp, did not update in the skillboard yet.

Blingy 1 bil plus vindicator for incursions
blingy 500 mil plus gila for abyss
other randoms including praxis and gnosis

Implants: 3 High grade nirvana, 2 mid grade nirvana and X03 slots 6-10.

I’m not sure what other info would be needed. Great cruiser pilot and can also do all of exploration.

pass: 123123

Yuudai Toshi Ill offer 55 B

I’m sorry, that offer is a bit to low. Ty

59B offer

Starting buy out at 70B, 48 hrs to close of auction.

sorry to waste your time. I cancel this offer

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