Selling a nice Dread Toon 46,7Mio SP Focused in Naglfar

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #1

Selling this nice Pilot:

No Password

Positiv Wallet
No Killrights
Located in Highsec
in NPC Corp (maybe ESB dont show it correct)

Starting Offer is 39B

B/0: 47B

(Dingus Dingus) #2

Confirm im for sale

(Khan Draco) #3

40B offered

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #4

Thank you for this nice offer.
I will wait the next 2-3 Hours if i got another offer.
If not you got the toon.

(Endangered) #5

Offering 40,5Billion Isk

(Khan Draco) #6

41B offered

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #7

Lets Do the 41Billion you can send Isk and the Account Info.

Starting Transfer Asap

(Khan Draco) #8

Iskies and account info sent to Dingus Dingus. Thank you.

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #9

Isk and Account Info recived Transfer Startet. Charr should be yours in 10 hours

(Khan Draco) #10

Transfer email received.

(system) closed #11

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