Selling a nice Dread Toon 46,7Mio SP Focused in Naglfar

Selling this nice Pilot:

No Password

Positiv Wallet
No Killrights
Located in Highsec
in NPC Corp (maybe ESB dont show it correct)

Starting Offer is 39B

B/0: 47B

Confirm im for sale

40B offered

Thank you for this nice offer.
I will wait the next 2-3 Hours if i got another offer.
If not you got the toon.

Offering 40,5Billion Isk

41B offered

Lets Do the 41Billion you can send Isk and the Account Info.

Starting Transfer Asap

Iskies and account info sent to Dingus Dingus. Thank you.

Isk and Account Info recived Transfer Startet. Charr should be yours in 10 hours

Transfer email received.

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