Selling a Vanquisher in Public low-sec KS

Looking to sell my Vanquisher in Ammamake.

The hull is for sale, the fit is negiotable. No purp but some useful Abyssal mods on it. Webs / Gyros, etc.
It has T2 Trimarks fitted (obvs) and a full tank of fuel.

Feel free to mail me in-game or post offers here. No rush to get it sold, just don’t use it and it’s gathering space-dust.

Bump for the day - vanquisher for sale.
One careful owner
Six un-careful.

Upupup for the evening - am getting screenshots of the fittings and will post soon.

Optional fittings have now been posted - up to the top for the day

Back up to the top for this post.

Roll up roll up, gets your Vanquisher here !

Bump :slight_smile:

So, listen, there is a vanquisher for sale here. And it could be yours. What’s not to love ?

So this is still a thing.

It’s morning, the clouds are up and it’s humid.

Great day to buy a vanq.

up up up

300b offer

no thanks!


Offering 325

No thank you - too low.

Back to the top for the evening.


Thank you for the offer but it’s too low.

400b for the hull, fittings is negotiable.

Contract hull to me for 400b.

Thank you - contract is up.

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