Selling: C4 Pulsar with C5/C3 Statics

C4 Pulsar, C5/C3 Static, Astrahus, POCOs - 4b ISK

I’m the CEO of the Professional Amateurs corporation and my corporation has finally outgrown our wormhole and we’re moving on. We’re asking an even 4b ISK for Remnant and all our stuff still there.

Remnant (J164528) is a Class 4 Pulsar with a Class 5 and Class 3 static. Our Class 5 static has been great for making money as a fleet because drifters are awesome and our Class 3 static makes getting to K-Space a breeze while also making it easy for individuals to make money solo. We’re not very good at this game and I’d say we managed to get anywhere between 120m ISK/hr in our C3 static and about 300m ISK/hr/pilot in our C5 static. You could easily get more because we’re bad!

Included with the sale will be an Astrahus with some fighters, bombs and missiles, along with all 6 POCOs.

Send me any inquiries you have in game! Happy Yoiul Festival!

It has been almost a week, no interest just yet. I’m still checking my in game eve mail every day so don’t let that be a barrier to your interest! I won’t say this wormhole was perfect for my organization, but it provided for us, gave us the isk and the fun we wanted, and got us through the year just fine. It could be the same to you, or even better! Just send me a message and we’ll chat.

Some interest so far, all trolls. But that’s good still. Official price drop to 8b ISK asking. Come get your corporation started in a pretty awesome wormhole, decent enough to make lots of ISK and easy to defend, while at the same time being just undesirable enough to not be worth the effort of evicting your already established corporation. With capital ships on your side you’ll be difficult to take down!

All inquires in game please, the CCP forums are terrible and I don’t receive notifications that make any sense from it.

I maybe interested. I’m on USTZ and have a few questions. I’ll try to find you this weekend in game.

Replied to NorCal. As I said, the Eve Forums don’t send me notifications while my phone alerts me the moment I get an Eve Mail in game. So the best way to contact me is in game.

We’ve got a little more than 24 hours left until our tower runs out of fuel, we commit insurance fraud on our capitals and ya’ll miss out on the opportunity to have an already established anti-eviction capital fleet in a decent Class 4 wormhole with the ever desirable (some call it perfect) C5/C3 statics.

We’re mighty casual, and over the course of the year we lived here we ran 24 money making fleet operations averaging out at about 700m ISK per fleet op. Generally we only spent 1 hour per fleet op and usually only had 2 or 3 people present per op. So the money making potential you have in Remnant is huge, especially if you’re more active than we are. Along with corporate programs and members doing their own thing, we averaged 8b ISK per month (corporate tax income) being really freaking casual, spending most of our time playing Overwatch and stuff.

Plus with Class 5 access not only do you get the opportunity to farm it for money, you can farm it for content, as there’s a lot of scary organizations that live up there always looking for a fight. Although these days it seems all anyone (save those few groups) is after in W-Space is farming, and well, I pitch to you that you’ll make back the money you spent super fast.

8 Billion ISK asking price with capitals, 4 Billion ISK asking price without capitals after they all blow up tomorrow tomorrow.

To recap: C4 Pulsar with C5/C3 static, 5 gas planets, 1 barren planet, 88 moon, Astrahus with fit and some fighters, missiles, and bombs; Naglfar/Minokawa with rigs, Thanatos and Nidhoggur without. All 6 POCOs and a few dead towers you can blow up for ISK or dank killboard padding.

Asking price for Remnant has dropped to 4 Billion ISK and no longer comes with capitals, but does come with one additional dead tower to blow up, It hurts self destructing nearly 5B isk in capital ships but we just couldn’t afford to keep fueling the tower any longer. So we committed insurance fraud, got about half the value out of them, scooped the loot and salvaged the wrecks and that’s it.

I’ve still got a seed in Remnant though and would still like to sell the fit Astrahus and POCOs to anyone whose still interested. As I’ve said before please contact me in game. Even though I’m watching this thread and I’ve set it to notify me of replies, I still don’t get them.

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