Selling frig-sized PVP pilot 56 mil SP + 4,1 mil unallocated SP

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Having some RL issues so sorry for a late reply. Thx for bids, my friends, but i still expect some additional ISK for the killboard

Lets see if it worth something.


are you selling? or just asking for PC still?
how much isk is in the wallet?
Where is the character located?

Im selling it, waiting for a good bid, no iskies, skillboard always lies so i have 56 mill SP actually and 4,1 unallocated.

don’t you think you should change the topic to “selling” as well as follow the rest of the character bazaar rules?
thats why i asked where your character is located… you gave 0 information about your character.
i may be interested in buying it.
skillboard doesn’t lie. @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode i smell a scam.

Nisuwa NPC station, no implants, no ships, no other property, smth like 177k galmil LP. If you need to move it somewher eill do that, my friend.

Here you are. Up.

Hi there,

if you could get your post in line with the Character Bazaar rules, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

TY for some free bump, my friend!

Allow me to be more clear. Fix your post, or I will close your thread for not following the rules. Last warning.

What did i do wrong? Ill fix that, be sure, my friend.
TY for free bump again. you care so much about these weird “rules” you told me about but dont pay any attention on skillboard malfunctioning, my dude. Up.

Due to noncompliance, I am closing your thread. You may relist it in 24 hours, so long as you follow all the rules. Thank you.

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