Selling my Men’s And Woman's Sisters of EVE Analysis Coat

Hello ppl
I am selling my Men’s And Woman’s Sisters of EVE Analysis Coat.
The Coats from the SOE LP Store no longer can be bought in the game.
so i will be taking offers over 10 billion isk the Male one.

and 9 billion isk on the Female coat

i will consider slightly lesser offers,but no trade items, on these rare collectors items. thanks

You can contract them both for 20b to this character

ok making a contract for Chas_Ramidanafter as soon i get back to jita iV - 4
im trying to get a transport for strontium atm contract will be up soon

Thank you I’ll be able to accept it in a couple hours when I’m back at a computer

ok i just made the 48 jumps back to jita lV -4 creating contract now.

Will accept within 2 hrs

Set contract to me, will pay 21B

i will wait 30 more minutes since we had a agreement… but as you can see some one is bidding 100 mil more and the two hours are past for a a while now Chas Ramidan

Ill do 22bil

Still here for 21B if they backout

i will wait 13 more minutes for a reply from him since i already waited 2 and a half hour minimum after that i will accept highest current bid

fair enough to state that the things he said he would do. are not meet. so agreement is terminated at 20 bil with Chas Ramidan
i think he thinks he will see this rare item again with in a few months . but i know better
[Grim Destiny] i will make up contract now at 22Bil

contract made

Im here now

Sorry at work

Good to go. thank you.

you been outbid by 2 ppl i made a contract in your name and waited as agreed.

Thank you most kindly for the correct and friendly trade Grim Destiny.

I didn’t say you didn’t perform. Unfortunately I was busy at work.

Send me the contract at 23b now and I’ll pay the premium as I was busy