WTS Men's and Women’s SIsters of EVE Analysis Coat [SOLD]

Looking to sell as a collection




Sold one for 12 B last year. I trust the price would’ve increased by now.

15 B each, so will settle for 30 B.

Instant B/O : 35 B


Spicy …but too pricy

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Offer 22bil for both - thats what I bought my last set for.

Haha. Nice one but I guess I would be looking for more than last year’s price according to inflation and rarity that everyone claim to appear when they advertise their apparel

Lol, sent you a mail earlier since someone else bought it last time when you also bid but we can talk here.

I know 35 is pricy but I don’t intend to sell both for any less than 30 B at the moment. Thanks for the offer but I think 30 B is cheap for two apparel’s that’s worth 15 B each at the very least. I sold a set for 23 B privately and one men’s coat at 12 B last year, after all.

22bil in august - that I bought.

Will offer 24.

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Not to my ask price but will think about it. I’m bad at wait game lol

Bump. Will probably sell to the highest bidder in 1-2 days.

Okay, the offers I received are at 22-24. Seems like that is all it goes for at the moment.
But still looking for more, at least 25 Bill

Alright, it’s time to sell it.
Will you meet me @ 25 B?

24 sir

Okay, recieved 13.5 B offer in-game for Women’s coat.
I can sell it separately but I hoped to sell them as a collection.
Anyways, I have contracted the Women’s coat to in-game buyer.

Men’s coat still available. Looking for 14 B

Sorry, Grim. If I find a collection, I’ll try contacting you again.

In-game buyer has two more days to accept contract.
Men’s coat still available.

In-game buyer has not responded or made the purchase.
Sale cancelled since price my lowest price not met.
Well, the apparel looks good. Guess I’ll just dress my alts in it until price is met.

Sigh, I give up. You’re in luck.
I happen to be in need of ISK, so 1 B difference is no longer blocking my mind from selling the collection. Let me know if you still want for 24 B.
Otherwise, it’s fine.

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