Selling two characters: (1) 12-25-2006, (2) 6-15-2007. Character customization for both


-3 Bonus remaps
-no kill rights

  • 0.0 isk
    -located in High sec
    -clean corp history

Has 807,223 SP with 48,697 free SP.


-3 Bonus remaps
-no kill rights
-901,332.50 isk
-located in High Sec

Has 1,060,503 SP with 48,085 free SP.

When you log into either character you will be able to customize them as you see fit.

Will pay with RL $ for transfer of characters.

Confirming i’m for sale.

3.5B for Master Moo

Thank you for your offer I’ll take it under consideration.

3.6b for Master Moo

Thank you for the offer i’ll take it under consideration. Happy holidays.


Offer is good for another 24h

Ok, sounds good. I know the general rules state sending the isk over to the character being sold but I don’t want to mess with the character creation screen for Master Moo, so how do you want to proceed with that?



Evemail me, or reply to Evemail on Master Moo please.

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