WTS 43 Mil SP Pilot

(Petra Bier) #1


BO ? make me a good offer
All CCP rules aplied

Isk go to me

i pay the transfer

(Yan May) #2

35 bil

(Petra Bier) #3

37 and iam yours

(Petra Bier) #4

for 37 pls send the isk to me and the account name and i start the transfer.

(Petra Bier) #5

Not sold yet

(Petra Bier) #6

OKE 35 bil isk
send the isk to me
send me the accountname and i transfer the char

(Petra Bier) #7

Char up to be sold again.

Make me a good offer.

(Arisha Moon) #8

32 billion

(Gattanera) #9

33 bil

(Petra Bier) #10

Thx for the bids
33 is to low

(Dobriy Putb) #11

35 bil

(Royo Moyo) #12


(Petra Bier) #13

OKE 36 it is

Send the isk to me and send the account name and i start the transfer

(Petra Bier) #14

SOLD to Royo Moyo

(Petra Bier) #15

He is not responding.
That means i am up for sale again.

Start the bids

(Gemini Staxx) #16

32B Online Now - Chat Me ingame <3

(Petra Bier) #17

32 no
35 yes

(Gemini Staxx) #18

Bid Retracted - Good Luck

(Petra Bier) #19

fly save

(Kenzee Leusten) #20

33 bil