Selling unit W DDA, erebus, erebus police skins

unit W DDA: jita, 20b
erebus with partial fit:, 60b. in dronelands keepstar.
skin: jita, offer


How’s an officer Drone Damage Amp gonna help people tank more during blackout m8?

its all about the ticks!

you lack reading comprehension, also daily bump

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lots of supers are dying. get your BEST IN GAME drone damage amps today and fit nearly full tank to survive!

r8 my ticks

pimp your ticks today!

to the top, just like your ticks if you bought these!

I can vouch for the quality of this seller and his high quality officer fit DDA’s 11/10!

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pimp out your vendettas and revenants today!

no poors allowed, get highest damage on killmails today!
edit also including erebus police skins

lots of supers dying, fit more tank today and compensate with a dank max tier DDA!

to the top, pimp out your vendetta today so you wont look like a poor!

up we go, pimp out your rev so you dont look poor!

up we go

just 1 DDA left. selling like hotcakes. get yours today!

up we go

all unit W DDAs sold out. 4 unit Ps now for sale. get them while they last!

edit: 1 unit W left, still.

up we go