WTS: 2nd best dda in game (officer)

Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier for sale
Contact with offers, 7.5b

can confirm these DDAs are top quality and a steal at 8.5b!

bumpity bump, still for sale

Still for sale. Will make everyone in your alliance be jealous of your super, good buy

I know you rich super multiboxers are out there, come get your bling (bump)

Still for sale

This is the cheapest of its kind

Still going

Still for sale, open to trading for other items +/- isk

Still going

Bump, still for sale

Bump again

Bump, open to trades

Still for sale, 7.5b

Bump, I have yet to receive a single offer. One sold on Jita market about a week ago for 9b.


Contract on You. Check please.

Still selling

Still for sale, come bling your supers

still for sale? please hit me up!