[SOLD] WTS Unit W-634's Modified Drone Damage Amplifier 15.5 each

I have 3 of the best DDA’s in the game waiting to be attached to an AFK ratting VNI for 15.5B each. Ill have them moved to Jita 4-4 if a deal is concluded. Message here or in game for offers.

Nice, you just bought these from me. good luck trying to flip them for 9b profit

Was just about to bump this, thanks Opus.

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lol it took me 4 months to sell these at like 15bil per unit good luck with your 17bil

Bump, accepting offers.

Bumparino, accepting offers

They’ll gladly flip other people’s items but try to flip their items. .


Hey I’ll buy these back when you get tired of trying to flip them from my price :slight_smile:

I’m currently using the items, but I know they take a while to sell, which is why I am listing them early. I also understand people like to beat you up on the price, which is why they are inflated 500m more than the price you were trying to sell them to me at.

Quit being a baby about me selling something I bought from you, that’s how items in Eve work.

not babying you at all friend :wink:

40b for all 3

No thank you, offer is too low.

Still available. Make your Komodo great again.

Bump, best DDA in game.

Price reduced and still for sale. Show everyone else that your Vendetta is better than theirs.

I’ll buy for 46b

We have a deal. I’ll have the contract up in a few hours. No at my PC right now.

I’ve got the contract up for you, let me know if it needs to be made to a different character.

If he doesn’t accept it I will take them.