WTS Unit P mods, DCU, DDA, FSU, Nav - Below Jita

(basher807) #1

All in Jita, will contract to buyer

Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control - 25b
Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier - 9.9b
Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer - 4.5b
Unit P-343554’s Fighter Support Unit - 8b

All in Jita 4-4

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(Trade Gis) #4

would take the Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control for 22B

(basher807) #5

24 would be the lowest I’d let the DCU go for.

(Trade Gis) #6

lets meet at 23B :slight_smile:
If its o.k. put contract up on me please

(basher807) #7


Stock updated.

(Trade Gis) #8

Will accept this evening

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(Havoc Ambramotte) #12

Unit P FSU to me please

(basher807) #13

Contract up to Havoc, supply updated.

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(basher807) #16

Drone nav sold, only the DDA’s left!

(basher807) #17


(basher807) #18

Bump! Price on the DCUs now at 10b down from 11.5!

(Prometheus Satyen) #19

There’s a P-Type DDA in Perimeter for 9.5b.

Previous couple of threads I can find selling P-Types went for 8-9b.

Offering 18b for 2x P-Type DDA. Contract to Prometheus Satyen and will accept within 24 hours.

(basher807) #20

Sorry, going to hold at 10b. You can buy the perimeter one and one of mine :slight_smile: