[WTS] W-634 DDA x 3 - SOLD

Have one of each, prices are negotiable to a small degree.

Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier - 19b each

Both are located in Jita 4-4.


Sent you a mail

I saw your price is very low 15b, there was a proposal for 17b

I ready discount - 18b each if buy all

was very late when i sent that offer- mean to offer 54b not 45 :stuck_out_tongue: send contract whenever, i accept

Bill D Wahl
only trade operation in dock Jit 4 4 - not contract, i losse 0.5b isk, if you want through contract, the price will be higher

Private contracts cost 10,000 isk

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ty, i didnt know

Bill D Wahl contract is ready

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