🀝[Service] Alliance Logo Creation


(Maze Avionik) #82

Hey We need a good Logo !

(labtecwar) #83

State War Academy can’t have a logo because they have one. :slight_smile:

@ Maze Avionik

(Maze Avionik) #84

Well ^^ I am from an other Alliance :slight_smile:

(labtecwar) #85

pls mail me IN GAME .or join DISCORD

(Maze Avionik) #86

Hey i did you send a mail ingame o7 i can still not connect to your wonderfull discord. Can i get your discord fiendship number to add you. that will work out i guess

(labtecwar) #87


(labtecwar) #88


(labtecwar) #89

2018-11-28 soon to be 45 logos in game, thx and much appreciated o7

(dody) #90

Hey you have done work for me before some years back am looking at Alliance Logo, Banner, etc.

Let us know when you have time etc.


(FLQCEO) #91

Very impressive artwork.

I need alliance logo.
Do I have to use one of your logo or you can make one with my idea ?


(labtecwar) #92

pls join discord FLQCEO

(labtecwar) #93