[SERVICE] Corporation/Alliance Creation and Ugrades

available until 9pm eve time today

services available until 7pm eve time

services available until 8pm eve time

available for services until 6pm eve time today

Worked out great. I left 1.025B ISK in corßp, wallet, made him the CEO, told him name and ticker, waited literally 3minutes and it was done. Can only recommend this service lmao.

thanks a bunch for the kind words, best of luck with your alliance :smiley:

im on and off today for services until about 9pm, will be on tomorrow most the day

online now and available until 7pm-8pm eve time

Had my corp upgraded and CEO roles turned back over to me in less than 5 minutes. 10/10 would hire again.

thanks for the review, good luck with your corp recruiting

few days off back now services available again


Are you still offering this service?

I sent you a mail in game but I’m guessing you haven’t been online to see it yet?

Let me know.

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