[SERVICE] Corporation/Alliance Creation and Ugrades

Corporation/Alliance Management Services are available!

I am UK timezone GMT and on most days/evenings.

We established our services back in 2011 offering to create alliances and update corps for free to get us started, you can search my alts name (listed further down) on google for old forums to see where we posted the advert as part of a list of other services.

I am now happy to offer this service again as a full time thing now the 24 hour timer has been removed for leaving a corp after being ceo, meaning we can offer the service instantly.

Please contact me in-game via EveMail to either keiber neon or the Angelina Etaroproc if you don’t get a response on the forums for what ever reason

We offered this service back when the old forums existed as part of a service list the character that I do the service with is “Angelina Etaroproc”

Check out my skills to verify I have the required skills here: EveSkillBoard

We now have an in-game channel called: The Alliance Service
Where you can chat with us during our online hours to get more information or book our service!

Prices we charge for our services:

Current Prices:
• 5,000,000 ISK - Corporation Creation (8,600 Members)
• 5,000,000 ISK - Update an Existing Corporation’s Member Limit to 8,600 Members
• 25,000,000 ISK - Alliance Creation
• 30,000,000 ISK - Corporation Creation plus Alliance Creation
• FREE - Member Limit Update for an existing Corporation when founding an Alliance

The following Registration fees charged by CCP will be covered by you

• 1,599,800 ISK - Corporation Registration Fee
• 1,000,000,000 ISK - Alliance Registration Fee

Pricing Examples:
• To create a brand new Corporation and a brand new Alliance it would cost my current fee of 30,000,000 ISK plus 1,599,800 ISK for the Corporation registration and 1,000,000,000 ISK for the Alliance registration for a total of 1,031,599,800 ISK
• To create a brand new Alliance it would cost my current fee of 25,000,000 ISK plus 1,000,000,000 ISK for the Alliance registration for a total of 1,025,000,000 ISK (plus I’ll update your existing Corporation’s member limit for free)
• To create a brand new Corporation it would cost my current fee of 5,000,000 plus 1,599,800 ISK for the Corporation registration for a total of 6,599,800 ISK.

I will post a comment with some corps/alliances that we have created in the past while offering our service, I will keep updating this list as we do more now the service is back up and running.

Why use a service vs train your self:
Save yourself from a Memory/Charisma remap, 90+ days of training and over 500 million ISK… take advantage of my Corporation/Alliance Management Services which will allow for 8,600 members in your Corporation:
• Level 5 - Corporation Management (+20 members/level, skill book price 20,000 ISK)
• Level 5 - Megacorp Management (+100 members/level, skill book price 400,000 ISK)
• Level 5 - Empire Control (+400 members/level plus Alliance Creation at Level 5, skill book price 8,000,000 ISK)
• Level 3 - Sovereignty (+2,000 members/level, skill book price 500,000,000 ISK)
• Level 5 - Diplomatic Relations (Reduces the cost of hiring allies to fight a war by over 25%, skill book price 40,000 ISK)

Join our Discord and drop us a PM if you want a faster response.

Corporations Updated/Created:
Drunken Troublemakers Club
Caelum Technology
Nchanga Consolidated Corporate Mining Ltd.
Croatoan Enterprises
Wolverine Syndrome
Minmatar United
Ordo Eventus
Realm Of Nightmare
Makers Mark Industries
Nova Prospect
Critical Horizon
Meows Tradecenter
Germandilas Fidicus Holding
Knights of Molteron
A Chance To Pew
Hardly Competent Holdings
The OtterManiac Empire Holdings
Spank SQU4D
Downbad Consortium
Dalcari Fleet Mining Operations
Beyond New Frontier
The Retribution Of Vengeance
Subvectio Trading
CromwellEx Holding
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
Caldari Navy Fleet Fleet (customer decided to change name)
Caldari Navy Response Fleet
High Sec Ops
Sword In The Stars
Faction Standing Repair Agency
Caldari State War Academy
Kriatos Corp.
The Alphabet Mafia
Searle Social Constructions
White Panel Van
Abyssal Rolling Degenerates
Omnissiah Chapter
Shark Coalition
Sharks vs Bears Industrial Wing
Bear Confederacy

Alliances Created:
Inception Alliance
Unholy Playground
Imperial Radiant Empire
Nova Prospects
Seven Four Five
Sons 0f Syndicate
Fidicus Federation
Hardly Competent
The OtterManiac Empire
Faded Awakening
Left my wife for Eve
Cromwell Exploration Institute
The 0rphanage.
Society of Extra Extraordinary Gentlemen
Ginsberg’s Theorem
The Axis Syndicate
Searle Social Constructions Alliance
The Ahbazonians
Abyssal Brick Rollers
SvB - Shark Coalition
SvB - Bear Confederacy

thanks very much for the kind works and good luck in your future endeavours with your corp

Did a corp update for me. Can’t beat the price for such a useful community service. Thanks

Note: make sure you collect all your corporate shares from the corp wallet, ISK from your corporate wallet, and empty any corp hangars / deliveries before ever using a service like this. As the temporary CEO adjusting your corp that is all freely lootable. FYI, not locking down your shares will allow a future corp takeover from outside the corp (meaning you lose all corp assets).


thanks so much for the kind words, good luck with your corp endeavours

services still available

nice and reliable service

ty for the kind words

bump still available for services

still available

still available

still available

fast and legit thanks!

still available

He was friendly and provided quick service.

servuces still available

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I’ve messaged on discord and in game if anyone could get back to me. Thank you

we are taking a short break back in February!

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I am interested but will need a bit more ISK first, for the Alliance creation should I send the whole fee or is keeping the registration fee in the corp fine?

is this service still up to date? I would like to purchase it