[Service] **Free** Alliance Creation / Corp Creation / Corp Update Services


I’m Conrin and I’m offering a Free service for creating alliances, updating corporations to maximum members (12,600) and providing pre-made corporations old enough to allow anchoring of structures. Yes i know this service is similar to ENORN’s service but even free gets competition.

Why should i trust you?

A fair question. I’ve been in this game since around 2008 and my other ‘Mains’ are in RvB (Khador Vess and Korthan) both former AT Pilots and former leadership within RvB. While i’m not space rich, i’m space middle class and i’m not about to launder my reputation for a billiion isk. Beyond that if you really dont trust me, use a 3rd party for the isk.

Important Notes:

  • You can see if i’m online by joining Conrin’s Gin Palace.
  • Correspondance should go to Conrin (If its desperate and i’m not answering then Khador Vess or Korthan are the alternative)
  • Check Conrin’s bio for a complete list of my confirmed alts. Anyone not in the bio is an imposter.
  • Servces are all free, donations are accepted and will be redirected to the magic schoolbus or angel project
  • I’m online most days on and off but as i ‘Work from home’ i occasionally AFK. If i dont reply straight away i’m not ignoring you.
  • Corporations involved in all of this must not be at war.
  • My alliance creation / update character is: Conrad ‘B’ Hart
  • Pick which of the scenarios below is closest to your situation and follow the notes below.

:gift: You have a corporation but no alliance - Alliance Creation: :gift:

This is nice and easy. First check Dotlan to confirm the ticker and alliance name you want is available.

  • Contact me and i will join your corporation.
  • You transfer CEO to me (along with the isk) and I create the alliance / perform the update
  • Once created i transfer the CEO back to you and l leave
  • Hopefully you post a ‘thank you’ in the thread below (if you are satisfied with the service)


  • Alliance creation fee to concord is 1b isk, this is an in game fee and needs to be paid up front unless you choose to use a 3rd party (entirely open to this)
  • While creating the alliance i will also update your corporation to maximum members if needed

:gift: You have no corporation or alliance and want both - Corp & Alliance Creation: :gift:

You have a choice, if you want a pre-made corporation select one as below and then let me know. If you want a custom corporation and alliance creating i can handle that too.Check on dotlan that the corporation name, ticker and alliance name, ticker are not already taken.

  • Contact me and if needed I create your corporation.
  • You transfer the isk to me and I create the alliance / perform the update
  • Once created i invite you and transfer the CEO to you and l leave
  • Hopefully you post a ‘thank you’ in the thread below (if you are satisfied with the service)

Posting to confirm that I’m associated with Conrin and that i’m the alliance creation character.

Reserved for additional information.

need help

Sent an evemail (I think it was you) I’m online this evening if you still need assistance.

Nice work! :heart_eyes:

Next time I will buy alliance only here. :thumbsup:

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Service still available. Join Conrin’s Gin Palace or convo me (no fleet invites please)

Service still available - Get your alliance created today!

still open for business. Join Conrins Gin Palace to check when im online

Bump - still open for business, still creating alliances for free

Sorry for the extended stay away from the game - now back and open for business again.

Online through the day UK/CET time through to late evening.

I have no standings to any empire so i can create FW corps.

Can recommend, was quick service.

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