[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

Quick and cheap - just as we like it <3

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First time user.

Delighted with the quick delivery, even though I hadn’t asked for Rush Delivery.

Thank you, you saved me from a 100 jump hauling run!

Recommended :slight_smile:

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There was a short queue, it was done quick and cheap.

First time I used this service and I rate it 10/10, will do it again the future!

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First time user.

PushX was recommended to me by a corp m8. Said that they provide a very good service and i should give them a try.

I setup 2 freighter contracts and went to bed, both contracts were completed less than 6 hours later. And i didnt even use the “rush service”.

I highly recommend PushX to anyone needing cargo hauling.

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Been using these guys for the last month or so. Push X has been awesome! Moving billions is easy when you Push it!

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It was late, I was tired. I weighed the cost and felt it was worth it to outsource the long trip. I remembered my last experience with PushX and knew I was going to bed.
When I woke up I already had a notification that the delivery was complete. I don’t know what most people are looking for in a freight company but for me it is precisely this.
I’m not even surprised with the amazing service anymore. GJ PushX. Again.

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First time customer of PushX, swift delivery and great service!

Very good Service. Used to always use Black Frog… but Pushx is my new fav go to now. Easy to use…and good communication. Delivered within specified time…A++

Used them a few times in the last couple of weeks. Best I’ve used, by far.

Great service, easy process… reasonable pricing and good communication. A++ good Job

First time I used this service and I rate it 10/10, will do it again the future! Good communication, reasonable rates. A++

Excellent and prompt service also at a reasonable price!

Frist time User

Was amazed on how good everything works
Better then Real life transport service great prices 100% reliable super support 10 out of 10

you guys getting are better then Triple A + review for me lot more to come in future

Why take the risk of getting ganked when you can Push X it

Ordered a jump freighter worth of stuff and it arrived within an hour or two with rush service. I was expecting it to take longer so I’m here to leave a good review.

Great service and fast delivery 10/10 :slight_smile:
keep it up

When I need freighter service, I call PushX and they get it to it’s destination. 10/10

Great Service and very help people.
Answered all my questions fast and gave great info.


Today super fast delivery ! Thx to Lexi Onyx :+1:

  • fly safe -

Great service.

Came back to the game after 9 years and had assets stranded in losec on 2 accounts. PUSH got my stuff moved back to hisec for me safely and quickly. 10/10 would recommend.