[Services] Artwork : Logo / Banner / Flyers / Videos , you name it -> i do it

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Sorry for the late reply but we asked for a video to be made about 2 months ago

It took around a week , maybe a little longer , but was very worth it , we asked for a miss mash of eve vids with some dramatic music , with a personalised recruitment message which I think his wife made ? Either way very happy with the video , very much worth the time and the isk

Thanks for the video guys

We have had a lot of new members join our 300 man Corp because of your work , thanks :slight_smile: :heart:


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Great guy , made us a video a while back and an alliance logo this month ,

Very trustworthy and friendly person

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Thank you.

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Who wants some artwork :slight_smile: ?

Dropped you a mail ingame with some details

Hey, would you ever do logo’s for like an ecommerce site? I’m looking for a new logo for my whmcs theme. Thanks!

Ordered a Logo and i’m very happy with the work, very professional and accommodating with the changes i needed made, if i need more work in the future i’m definitely going to be coming back :slight_smile:


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I would if you still need it

Claina made a logo - was responsive, priced fairly and I’m happy with the end result