Logos, animations, streaming overlays etc for ISK!

I can make logos for your alliance, stream, website or anything you may need a logo for. I also make animations, video intros, outros, transitions etc

The way I usually work is that I make a series of suggestions based on your input. You then point at what you like, and what you hate. This way, we can work towards the best result for you.

Bellow some fictional names/examples that probably would not be approved by CCP for alliance logos but are simply used to inspire. I can also make logos that (try) to adhere to the specifications set by CCP/EVE to be approved.

I am open to any work and any payment. I accept both ISK and PLEX
Prices can depend on complexity, but I am (still) very flexible. I am a new player so ISK may be more valuable for me than to you.


Drop me a message if you have questions, or if you want to get started!