Sexxy Vajaijay for csm 14

“What matters most is how you see yourself” - Finta Gaxadi











All free gifts come in the form of two…

And that’s what I’ll do for you.

Go away

Jita burn burn burn!

I will do it for you…

Hello everyone, if you vote me as your csm rep this time round I promise I will fulfil all your general needs.

May we be consumed together by the fire!

In our pyjamas…

My heart will open wide for your rapture!

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I want to downvote you, but I just can’t.
Instead … have a Like!


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So what you’re saying is your platform is terrible Vogon poetry and being the first Caldari Citizen 2983298759 on the CSM. :neutral_face:

Not as careful as you might think

The knees of the wind are matching.

I have heaps of experience in things like you.

Especially babies and how to give birth, and how to make him stick!

No man has ever left me.

Eve is my wonder-lore,

My faction

My undergrowth!


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Here is a list I shall prioritise:

Miner bumping - I will voice to make it more aggrable, miners beware

Capital ships pvp - force multiplier tools and not overpowered as they were in mid-winter. Nobody wants an easy win and some battles die too quickly.

Markets: make it easier for people to scam. Sometimes I can’t afford nappies.

Structure bashing - able to be attacked by anyone no matter whether in war or not.

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don’t see you there . . .


That reads like my reputation preceeds me. :blush:

Psht! :smiley:

Being an ex-wife of Steve Ronuken I thought he would at least allow me this one chance,

But Eve Online don’t pay child support.

He left me this big mansion, and I have the kid and a bunch of collectors ships in our estate.

But men are dogs, and they lie.

He didn’t put my name down.

But I will still work the nightclubs and make mine.