🦜 Shadow Cartel Multi-TZ Low-Sec PvP Alliance recruiting Corps and Pilots!

All applicants are welcome to donuts and their fair share of exotic dancers.

Happy veterans days from a fellow veteran! Apply today!

I am fairly interested in the description of this corporation. This…Shadow Cartel. Contact me in-game with a message or I can contact you. Which name should i be contacting?

This is an advert for an alliance known as Shadow Cartel. We have many corporations included in our fine establishment and are looking for more pilots as well as USTZ oriented corporations of moderate skillpoint levels to join under our banner. If you would like to check us out, our website and contact details are at the bottom of the original post. You can check out all of our corporations in game or on our forums.

Recruitment still open. Apply today!

Visit our forums and apply today!

If you’re not with us, you’re against us! Apply today!

make lowsec great again - join the fun

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Looking for more meat for the grinder!

Happy Turkey Day from Shadow Cartel!

Hello I have around 20 million SP, self sufficient, can fly dreads and I’ve participated in fleets before and willing to learn more. I am interested to join not sure where to begin?

We ask everyone that is interested to read the recruitment post fully and follow it. All the information is in there.

Still recruiting! Inquire within!

Slip into the shadows with our cartel!

Looking for USTZ pilots and corps!

Don’t be shy!

is there SRP if i lose my titan to an NPC sotiyo?


Fun In Arzad - come and join the party

No, sorry m8. All silly mishaps are the responsibility of the silly pilots that take on such silly, yet heroic, endeavors against the might of the NPC pirate and navy factions.

Don’t mind me, just shifting our post position!