🦜 Shadow Cartel Multi-TZ Low-Sec PvP Alliance recruiting Corps and Pilots!

Happy New Eden New Years! Join us for a fun 2019!

Looking for a well rounded USTZ corp! Get in touch today!

Come say hello!

WTB USTZ corp to pew with

Lets go boys and girls, fire up your keyboards and throw in an app today!

EU boys and girls can apply too!

Come join a great gaming community!

Still recruiting!

Lets make lowsec great again!

Still looking for USTZ friends! Come say hello or drop an evemail today!

Come “Yaaarrrrrrr” with us!

Looking for more good corps!

Looking for more combat oriented men and entities to lock arms with in brotherly embrace as we charge the battlefields of deep space and take on all menaces that may give our adventures peril!

Still looking for more dastardly low sec pirate corporations and players to enjoy the depths of space with.

New things brewing in Eve! Get hyped and get in contact with us today!

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