She Came For Her People

Entering the system, Ferra couldn’t help but feel a plethora of emotions as she tried to overrule them to stay on her toes. Ammatar jurisdiction or not, there were many enemies in Tanoo. Many who wanted revenge at that.

After receiving word from a collaborator, there was no way she could deny the opportunity. It was unlikely to be a trap, but even if it was Ferra couldn’t deny the chance to save the Matari POW’s that she had been promised.

The sense that any foul play could be afoot was strong as she tethered to the Fortizar, even stronger still as the ship was towed into dock, half expecting the hangar force fields to deny her exit.

It didn’t take long to have the POW’s board her Hurricane(she came somewhat prepared for the worst at least) and see them off, some time after returning to Dammalin where crews were already being set up to take in the now free Matari and ensure they were cared for and returned to their homes and families.

// A quick and low effort write up to log and try to further canonise a little RP session. Thanks for reading!


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