Ship skin in contracts - which item category would it be?

As topic.
I want to search in contracts for a ship skin.
If I search under “all” it finds almost 300… but tells me that 200 max results is allowed and I should refine my search. But there is no ship skins in item category for contracts.
What item category (other than “all”) would skins be in?

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That’s a very good question. I was in-game and tried to pull up Ship Skin contracts and pretty much got the same results.

Always best to get an official word from CCP themselves. I suggest sending in a support ticket.

Open the info sheet for the ship you are interested in, choose the skins tab, pick the skin you want, Right click - Find in Contracts.

Pity they don’t add the “Find in Contracts” option to the market tool. Much easier to browse the tree to find stuff than searching in contracts.


SKINs are an item category, Super Kerr-induced nanocoatings, all the way at the bottom.

Also if you know the name of the skin you want you can type it in the search box for it in contracts. and Do Little gave a good way to look for them too.

if it’s on the market the price is almost always better on the market, can also show info and then click the drop down menu in the upper left and select find in contracts that way.

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