Should clothing be mandatory for clones and tube-born?

Does nudity of clones offend you ? Does the idea of racks of tubes filled with nude flesh fill you with disgust and terror ? Are you a capsuleer and disturbed by the possibility that your backup clone is nude, for the strangers that are the cloning company personnel to casually observe ?

If yes, did you know that a small Caldari biotech firm is experimenting with adaptable clothing for clone backups and the tube-born ?

Gutter Press has learned that a New Caldari Prime based startup called Saivakke Fashionwear is developing clothing solutions for tube-grown citizens, and capsuleers, allowing their dignity to be preserved, whilst in their dormant state. A spokesperson told Gutter Press that the nutrient tubes required present some technical issues, but they expect a commercial release within a year, expanding their product lines to the capsuleer market as well as baseliner and tube-born citizens.

Citizen opinions on the topic were varied:
“I was a tube child, and would certainly have appreciated this”, said one corporate executive.
“Of course gestating citizens should be clothed. We’re not Gallente exhibitionists!”, opined a Navy recruiter.
“Only medical personnel ever have reason to observe someone’s nude body”, said a noodle extruder maintenance technician.

But is this a wise investment of resources ? Is this a trivial issue that only serves to divert the State’s attention from more important concerns ? Is the production of such disposable clothing irresponsible, when resources are needed for strengthening the State ?

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I think it wouldn’t be practical to clothe clones while they’re still in vats, but as soon as they’re activated, then yes.


Some Caldari are just weird.


As the party most affected I think the cloning services staff should have the final say on the policy of clothed/unclothed clones as it is their duty to routinely look upon them.

Personnel that attend to me have indicated that their pension funds consider, upon the urging of workers, Saivakke to have an “All-In, for the Love of God All the Money In” investment rating and have purchased appropriate positions.


Would it not be simpler to use electronic monitoring of the clones instead of visual, and use blacked-out glass on the clone tubes?


I think it is much more strange when people conflate a naked body with sexual intercourse to the point that any display of unclothed skin is regarded as immodest. Maybe the problem is that they’re too horny for their own good and making it everyone else’s problem.


I myself am a proud product of the New Youth Initiative on my homeworld. I will say neither I nor any of my creche siblings would have cared for this. It appears to me an unnecessary, inefficient waste of resources.


As a Gallente citizen, No, flesh is flesh, animate or not. Let the clones choose.


Hmm, interesting.

I’ve never put this issue as a problem since I consider clone technicians as medical workers. And I suppose it’s their job to observe the bodies in order to find defects. On the other hand, it could be done by AIMEDs… possibly… I don’t know, really.

In either way, such decisions whether the resources shall be used on this or used elsewhere should be taken on executive level of those who are above us: since it involves a policy for a multiple citizens at once and not a policy for each citizen, it shall be brought in as a ruling from above. And, apparently, it means we have no say in this - bringing it to public discussion is just useless waste of time.

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I know, right ?

The association between nudity and sex is ludicrous, and causes so many problems with offworlders on my home planet, who cannot appreciate the simple fact that some people who are walking down the street nude, are doing so for religious reasons.

Control thy lust, foreigners. Lest the Fist of God strike ye down.


If i’m lusty, i’ll be fisted by God?



It probably wouldn’t be as fun as you might imagine.

But then again it might.

People imagine some very odd things.

I would spend this body to experience that.

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Not all things should be experienced, Morgana. Or thought about.

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I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the distasteful sexualisation of God, or the fact that Nauplius just said something sensible.

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Clothing unconcious clones so the facility workers wouldn’t get horny by looking at them? First of all, I believe these people are professinal enough for keeping cool about these kinds of things. Plus, they deserve some credit for their hard work so why not reward them with spectacular views while they’re at it? Of course some capsuleers are ugly but that’s their own bald amarrian fault.
And you also suggest bioadaptive-smth technology in order to do that? If there’s an abundance of isk after those fees we’re paying, isn’t there a better way to make use of that? Like quality climate control systems for even the cheapest frigates for example. It gets kinda hot sometimes especially when you overheat modules. So I’d rather vote for any kind of clothing not being mandatory at all. Feels kind of a waste when people can’t appreciate the rest of your tribal tattoos. That’s non-verbal communication you know.

The nude human Form is one of God’s great Artworks, and should be displayed in a proper Context, so that it can be Properly Appreciated.

I do not Know if Clone Vats are that Context.

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Without completely disagreeing I guess I might a little bit share Ms. Kim’s feeling on this. It seems like it’s hard to distinguish “artistic appreciation of the displayed human form” from “lasciviously drooling over nudies.”

To me it seems like the “proper context” is in private, consensual circumstances with a dearly beloved (in that particular way) person. Or to put it another way, “private showings only.”

As for a clone vat I’m not sure putting pants on a mindless vessel is really necessary (I could see that needlessly complicating its care). Not designing the vats for ogling seems like enough, and don’t people who work around naked bodies all the time tend to just sort of get used to them?

So maybe it just really doesn’t matter.

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Really? I did not expect you to have difficulty with this. But then, you are not Gallente, just like Kim.