Should clothing be mandatory for clones and tube-born?

Caldari and Achura do tend to value modesty, yes. We maybe don’t take it quite as far as the Amarr, but there’s kind of an appreciation for keeping private things private and not distracting people when there’s business to be done?

Landing at certain Federal ports and being greeted with signs like “XXX! Girls, Girls, Girls! XXX!” right out on the concourse is squirm-inducing enough that I’m pretty sure it’s not just me, Che. My predecessor probably felt the same.


Hm. The thought of my joke going over your head was more fun than it actually happening. I was jokingly implying that you two had trouble not drooling over a classical Garoun era statue of a nude human form. I probably failed being funny again, nevermind.

If there are Gallente who have desires for empty shells, and certainly there are, then they should have the freedom to choose to view those shells as objects of desire, and act accordingly.

There are very probably establishments which cater to this need within the great Federation.

In other places, I am quite certain the disdain for intimate contact has prompted this silly question.

Of course not.

I spend quite a bit of time flexing in the nude in front of a mirror. I could care less what others think of my nudeness, or my clones for that matter.

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Well why shouldn’t you display your sculpted physique ? It’s a work of art, no?

Just so long as you don’t go full Cult of the Lift crazy. And scream about how pain is just unrighteousness leaving the body while you work out.

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The cult of what now?


The Cult Of The Lift.

Some group of fitness & bodybuilding wackos that popped up a few years back. They’re a bit weird.

Muscly though.

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What a bunch of posers. One really needs justification to body-build?

How about this. I do it because I enjoy it.

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Eww, that’s so gallente!!


Among other things that were stollen from us.

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