Underwear Apparel implementation

There should be a way for us to choose what underwear to wear. These 90’s style boxer shorts in the sci-fi? I’d rather see my dead ass wearing très riche Versace Jockstraps, a true symbol of a space elite.

Irrelevant, as you cannot take a picture with underwear showing.

You’re forced to put on some pants before you take a picture, so the only places the underwear would be visible is in the character editor and in your imagination.

You can do the latter at any time, no need for CCP to create new underwear for that.


You clearly don’t understand how I make isk.


passive income
the more she wears the underwear the more isk she gets for it

When your ship gets blown up, there’s an automated device that puts your grandma’s 1987 Xmas gift of Marks & Spencer Y fronts on your corpse for the sake of modesty. I thought everyone knew that.

Frostpacker is feeling insecure when discussing underwear.

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